SRI KRISHNA BAKTHA JANA SABHA — A NARAYANEEYAM chanting group from Coimbatore.

We a set of 10 devotees from Agraharam, Singanallur- Coimbatore under the beloved guidance of Mrs.Rajam and group have been chanting Narayaneeyam, for the past 20 years.
Narayaneeyam is a Gospel hymn, being chanted frequently in the sands of Kerala.

Narayaneeyam is a medieval Sanskrit text, comprising a summary study in poetic form of the Bhagavata Purana. It was composed by Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri, (1560–1666 AD) one of the celebrated Sanskrit poets in Kerala. Even though the Narayaneeyam was completed as early as 1586 AD, it appeared in print only after more than 250 years. The Bhagavata Purana is a major Hindu scripture consisting of about 18,000 verses, mainly devoted to the worship of Krishna.

  1. We chant the divine Narayaneeyam anywhere in South India.
  2. We do it as a service and so, it is free of cost.
  3. We chant anywhere right from a small house till a big organisation.
  4. We reside in Coimbatore, so anyone can contact us preferably South India.
  5. We not only chant Sriman Narayaniyam,but also Srimadh Baghavadham.

      A snap where Narayaneeyam is chanted, at Singanallur Sri Radha Madhava Thirukalyanam.

      For more details, reach us through:-

      •  Whatsapp : +91 9487568910
      • E-mail        :
      •          : +91 9487568910 / 0422-2594107